Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling

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PEW Title History

Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling Championship:

Wolfgang Warfield Wins 6-Man Hardcore Brawl

SoulTaker Defeats Wolfgang Warfield  - Ladder Match

Blue Lightning def Wolfgang Warfield- Extreme Rules Match

Soultaker def Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning def Soultaker

Mono The Monkey def Blue Lightning- Last Man Standing 

Wolfgang Warfield Defeats Mono The Monkey - 1 on 1 Match

Mono The Monkey Defeats Wolfgang Warfield - Ironman Match

Blue Lightning Defeats Mono The Monkey - 1 on 1 Match - Wolfgang Warfield Interferes

Suicidal def Blue Lightning

Mono The Monkey def Suicidal

Z.A.C.H def Mono The Monkey

Blue Lightning def Mono The Monkey

Title Vacant Since 6.07.10

Mono The Monkey def Wolfgang Warfield

Blue Lightning def Mono The Monkey

The Monster def Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning def The Monster In A TLC Match

Soultaker def Blue Lightning Tables Match

Wolfgang Warfield def Soultaker

Blue Lightning def Wolfgang Warfield In A Ladder Match

Rob Hezus def Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning def Rob Hezus In A Unsanctioned Match

Title Vacant Since 7.16.10                                                                          

Blue Lightning Wins Hardcore Triple Threat Match

Black Menace Cashes In Contract In The Case

Blue Lightning def Black Menace In A Extreme Rules Match 

Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling Hardcore Championship:

Wolfgang Warfield Wins Hardcore Battle Royal

Blue Lightning Wins Triple Threat Match

Wolfgang Warfield Defeats Blue Lightning - 1 on 1 Match

SoulTaker Defeats Wolfgang Warfield - 1 on 1 Match

Blue Lightning def Soultaker-Ladder Match

The Hunter def Blue Lightning- Tables Match

Soultaker def The Hunter- Chairs Match

Blue Lightning def Soultaker- Steel Cage Match

Soultaker def Blue Lightning- Backstage Brawl

Z.A.C.K. Defeats SoulTaker - Hardcore Match

The Monster Wins Fatal Five Way Match

The Mongol Defeats Zero In A Ladder Match -1 on 1 Match

Title Vacated Since December 18, 2010 

Blue Lightning WIns Triple Threat Tables Match


Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling Pennsylvania Championship:

SoulTaker Wins The 8-Man Over The Top Rope Challenge

Blue Lightning Defeats SoulTaker - No Holds Barred Match

Poison Dart Frog Defeats Blue Lightning - 1 on 1 Match

Mono The Monkey Wins Hardcore Brawl - Poison Dart Frog Vacates Title Due To Injury

The Hunter Wins Fatal Four Way Ladder Match

Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling East Coast Championship:

Poison Dart Frog Wins Fatal 4 Way Match

Wolfgang Warfield Defeats Poison Dart Frog - 1 on 1 Match

Mike Morgan Wins Triple Threat Tables Match

 "The Fury" Robert Hezus Wins 6-Man TLC Match - Mike Morgan Vacates The Title

Z.A.C.K. Defeats "The Fury" Robert Hezus - 1 on 1 Match

Black Menace Defeats Z.A.C.H Over The Top Rope Challenge- 1 on 1 Match

Suicidal def Black Menace- 1 on 1 Match

Kevin Stevens def Suicidal In A Backstage Brawl- 1 On 1 Match

Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling Tag Team Championships:

Jungle Konnection" Win Elimination Tag Match

"Pain 4 Life" Defeat "Jungle Konnection" - TLC Match

"The Three Kings" (Wolfgang & Stormbreaker) Defeat "Pain 4 Life"

The Leif Brothers (Roger & Eric) Win 4-Team Hardcore Elimination Match

 The Jefferson Brothers def The Leif Brothers In A Tag Tables Match

Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling Diva's Champion:

Blind Mag Wins Over The Top Rope 4 Way Battle Royal

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