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Posted by Pennsylvania Extreme Wrestling on January 25, 2020 at 2:45 PM

Just when you thought all hope was lost, they found these fuckers.... And poor Big Ol Gerard is with them at the bottom of this cave... So here we fucking go. Gerard is now added to the match making this a fatal four way. The 4 men start climbing out of the 250 foot cave back to the surface. PEW Officials have had it with this cave nonsense so they put down concrete and covered it up. Thank the fucking lord. So now Chris akakakakakaka Black Menace bo Benace is setting up a 40 foot ladder to retrieve the PEW Title. He climbs halfway up when out of nowhere Devin akakaka yeah fuck it. Devin Stormbreaking Skullbashing Sabyn throws a rusty knife at Chris's ass. It goes directly in between his cheeks and Chris lets out an unholy scream nobody has ever heard the likes of. Chris falls all the way down only to be caught into a cutter by none other than Big Bad Nigger Hating Gerard. Gerard then pushes Dylan fuck I mean Devin out of the way only to cause traumatizing flashbacks of that one time Gerard shit all over the floor because of Devin's carelessness and made Chris gag for hours from the unholy smell and sight of shit and pee. Devin is frozen with fear. Gerard ascends the ladder, obviously at a very slow pace due to his arthritis, proving why he belongs here and still has what it takes to take out every moon cricket in sight. Just as he reaches the top Alex akakaka Blue motha fucking lightning meets him at the top and hits him with a cold and sweaty forearm to the dentures, causing them to slip out. Gerard is now not only in pain but emotionally destroyed, as those was his last pair of teeths. He goes into a blind rage and starts backhanding Alex in the mouth. He then rips off his already ripped up socks and makes Alex lick his bunion and fungus infested toes. Alex pukes and it lands on Chris's head, causing Chris to puke on Devin, causing Devin to puke on Abby, causing Abby to puke on Chloe, causing Chloe to violently scratch Dad akakakaka Uncle "WHAT WAS THAT?" Angel. Dad runs in fear as Chloe is attached to his ass cheek via her claws and paws. Alex now groggy goes to hit Gerard only to be countered with the gum attack... What the fuck is the gum attack? OH MY GOD WHAT? THATS FUCKING NASTY! HE GUMS HIM ON THE NOSE WHILE STICKING A FINGER IN HIS ASS?! WHAT KIND OF SICK SON OF A?...... Anyway Alex now cannot believe what has happened and falls directly on top of Devin and Chris and when Chris falls Devin makes sure his finger is sticking up, causing it to go all the way up Chris's ass. Chris screams in a falsetto like pitch and passes out. Gerard unhooks the title and is now the PEW Champion. He climbs gingerly back down, retrieves his muddy dentures, and pisses and shits himself once again. It is over. Finally, its over. Who will Gerard defend the title against first? Tune in next time to find out!  

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11:49 AM on May 21, 2021 
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Reply The Skullbasher
12:03 PM on December 31, 2021 
You Thought They Were Done? Damn Just Made It Before The New Year

Okay so here we are. Gerard is the new PEW champion since early last year. Because of covid and taking serious precautions Gerard relinquished the title in efforts of good health and tighty whitey tomfoolery. Anywho, now it is a..... no.... fuck oh no... ANOTHER TRIPLE THREAT FOR THE PEW 24/8 Cyber time Chicken Finger Ass fuck Championship. This time, in a barbed wire, steel cage, dildo wheeling, loser shaves off his dick hair and head match. Wait, what head? WHICH ONE?! FUCk okay nevermind. The three are in the ring. They are familiar with each other. Devin I mean Dylan fuck I mean Skullbashing Icebreaking Sabyn charges Blue Alex. Wait whats his name? Fuck right Blue Lighting and Thunder. Devin I think charges him and hits a running dripkick. No that's not a typo. He's wearing J's. Chris I mean oh my fucking god what are their names? Black Menace? Wow racist. BM hehe that could also mean Bowel Movement not just black menace. Ha. So Chris runs and hits a german suplex on Devin and... oh fuck... OH FUCK.. Devin's bone in his neck is sticking out! He's not moving! Chris is puking, Alex is crying. Oh fuck what is happening?!?! Alex runs to Devin and starts... WHAT?! He's pulling down his pants! Chris in horror runs and hits Alex with a clothesline. :"What the fuck dude?!" Chris yells in horror. Oh god... the fuck... Devin has rose and snaps his ne.... *gags* snaps his neck.. *throws up in mouth* He's okay... Yeah lets go with that. Devin is charging Alex and starts hammering down on him, beating the living fucking shit out of him. Chris is petrified, frozen. "RAPE ME?! FUCKING RAPE ME?!" Screams Devin. This is already out of control someone please. We don't have the budget for this. Chris grabs a chair and hits Devin in the head, knocking him out of the ring. Alex gets up and low blows Chris. "OH YOU FUCKING SPIC A LIC" Yells Chris. Damn racist again. Alex goes for the pin. Kickout out 2 and 1/7 divided by 4 multiplied by 1.4. Alex goes to hit the overdrive when SKULLFUCKINGBASHINGICEBREAKING Devin dives from the top of a fucking tree to hit a COUP DAY GRACE. OH FUCK! They all just went through the ring! No... No..... Its happening again... They went into a black hole... What do we do... What? I'm getting word... please... *sighs* ladies and gentleman..... The match will resume... IN FUCKING 2022....

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